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 Why haven't you voted in our poll yet?

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Cantidad de envíos : 3068
Edad : 39
Localización : Hiss II
Fecha de inscripción : 18/06/2008

MensajeTema: Why haven't you voted in our poll yet?   Jue Oct 16, 2008 10:42 am

hat's right... YOU! the person reading this who saw the poll, but didn't vote.
It only takes a few moments. Anyone can do it, it doesn't cost you anything, and it passes along important feedback to Mattel.

Even if you are happy with the way things are right now with MOTUC, you should STILL vote!
About 2000 fans have voted thus far and the results thus far may surprise you. Add your voice to the list to make sure you are represented.

We're also going to open the doors again on the Purchase Limit poll.
Mattel leaned towards a 3-per-person limit on mattycollector.com. But do you think this is enough?
Does the news about multiple heads per figure entice you to want more than just 3?
Are you an international fan who wants to be able to do a larger order with other fans to save on shipping?
Then you need to vote!

Also, because of the way the poll is setup, you can vote again if you've changed your mind since the last time you voted.
It will just overwrite your previous vote.

If you're interested in collecting MOTUC and you like it,
or you're waiting for a particular era of MOTU to show up in MOTUC,
or you would have bought it if they had used a different sculpting style,
Click here to let Mattel know how original MOTU, POP, NA or 2002 designs influence your decision to collect MOTUC!
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Why haven't you voted in our poll yet?

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